ThriftyWays respects the user’s privacy, and as such, will only ever collect and retain the user’s data in-so far as it is necessary for the provision of goods supplied by ThriftyWays.

If the user makes use of this website, they may need to provide information including but not limited to:
Their name
Their address
Their email address
Their gender
Their date of birth
Their mobile number.

ThriftyWays will only use your information to supply goods through this website, and to market goods to the user where they have not already opted out of such marketing.

ThriftyWays undertakes to never sell or provide your data to any third party, except where compelled by law.

ThriftyWays does not accept liability for any unauthorized or otherwise unlawful use of your data made by a third party not under the control of ThriftyWays, except where ThriftyWays has been grossly negligent.
If the user discloses any information to a third-party that is linked to this website, ThriftyWays cannot be held liable for any loss, how so ever arising, suffered by you as a result of such a disclosure made to the third party.

ThriftyWays undertakes to not retain the users information for any time longer than originally intended.
ThriftyWays will destroy any or all information in their control provided by the user at the user’s request.